The service

IP-Neighbors.com is a service to let you look-up an IP address or a hostname and find neighboring sites and services. It allows for discovery of previously unknown websites and details about an IP address.

Hosting companies, Internet service providers, corporations, and home users can all offer services on the Internet. The services provided can range from web, e-mail and file sharing, to instant messaging and proxy services, and a lot of other services. To be efficient and economical it's normal practice to put many services on the same physcial hardware to save energy and space, among other things. Doing this it's feasable to put hundreds of services (websites, email, etc) a single physical server.

But it's always easy to balance the load and keep the services running smoothly. When a host is improperly balanced it will cause degradation of all the services running on the same host, i.e. from a spike in traffic or a runaway daemon claiming all the computing resources.

A webhosting provider can serve a sigle website on a dedicated server, or run multiple websites on a shared host (virtual hosting). There are other ways to build a webhosting infrastructure, for instance putting a load balancer in front with many cascading webservers and database nodes making it seem that a single host is serving a large span of websites.


Until recently, if you had a website on a shared host it was not easy to get a list of websites served on the same host.

By submitting a query with the IP address or hostname of your website, you will get a list of domains and hostnames known to point back to the host you entered.

Knowing the number and types websites offered by host can give you an approximation of the expected traffic, system load, quality of service and performance. This can be helpful when troubleshooting your website's response time, slow processing, and possible filtering or blocking issues.

Based on:
  • HTML5 - draft tags, structure
  • CSS3 - new styles, rounded corners, shadow
  • PHP5 - general-purpose scripting language
  • cURL - http downloader
  • MySQL - database back-end
  • whois - query/response protocol
  • jQuery - flexible ui manipulation
  • OpenDNS - neutral domain name system provider
  • Secret sauce - find, filter, and display the list of neighboring hostnames



A hostname can by design point to multiple IP addresses, or hosts, to load balance the of incoming traffic in a round robin kind of a way. All of these IP addresses will have their own IP profile pages. When there are multiple IP addresses, a randomly picked address is picked.

Registered/last update

The registered date and last update fields won't show up where there isn't any data available. This data is normally only available on the American ARIN IP address database.

Refresh page

The content generated for each profile is kept up-to-date and it's possible to refresh a profile by clicking 'Refresh now' link on top of the page. The expiration time is a few days.

Collapsable headers

On the profile pages, the headers for each section can be collapsed if you don't want to see it. The state of each box is remembered and will be used on subsequent pages.