Install bookmarklet

Video: Install bookmarklet

Firefox Firefox

Drag this button to your bookmark toolbar at the top-half of your screen:
IP-Neighbors Look-up

Chrome Chrome

Click and hold this button, drag and drop it into your bookmarks bar in Chrome:
IP-Neighbors Look-up

Opera Opera

Drag this button to your bookmark toolbar:
IP-Neighbors Look-up
You might have to enable the toolbar under View - Toolbars - Personal Bar, but it works fine if you just select it from the Bookmark menu.

Safari Safari

Click and drag this button into your bookmark toolbar in Safari:
IP-Neighbors Look-up
On Windows you might need to enable the Bookmark Bar under View.

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

Right-click on this button and select 'Add to Favorites...' and put the bookmark in the 'Links' folder, click Add.
IP-Neighbors Look-up
For IE7, either select the yellow star to open the favorites folder or press the Alt-key and select View - Toolbars - Links to enable the favorites toolbar.